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Premature Scaling: Why It Kills Startups and How to Avoid It - Ron Benegbi, Uplinq

Ron Benegbi, founder and CEO of Uplinq, speaks to our co-host Sergey about what it’s like to grow a startup without unnecessary hiring sprees, inexplicably large teams, and being unintentional with how resources are allocated.

What Most People Don’t Tell You About Exiting Your Company - Mark Achler & Mert Hilmi Iseri

Mark Achler and Mert Hilmi Iseri join us to discuss what they learned digging through the unknown world of mergers and acquisitions while writing their book. Confidentiality, bad outcomes, and wanting to keep things private are some of the many reasons the world of mergers and acquisitions are so opaque. Throughout the conversation, we explore why to view pitching as the beginning of a relationship rather than a mere transaction, why vulnerability and empathy should be at the root of your relationship with your board, the 4 components that make acquisitions work, and why you need to get used to rejection if you plan to sell your company.

Transitioning from a Pro Service Company to SaaS one - Jordi Torras, Inbenta

Jordi Torras, Founder & CEO at Inbenta shares his entrepreneurial transition from a service into a product company. Talks about the challenges of starting a software company, how he overcame the limited startup ecosystem in Barcelona and how Inbenta started on international markets in France and Brazil.

Celtic House VC talks hiring, raising money and failed businesses, Jonathan Graff

Jonathan Graff, VC @ Celtic House joins Aram to talk about what he looks for in founders before investing, building scalable businesses and hiring a leadership team.

Building Products For The Gig Economy - The New Norm - Scott Absher, ShiftPixy

Scott Absher joins Sergey to discuss how ShiftPixy is creating a new gig work and part-time work ecosystem that provides reliable income to workers and consistent quality of work to companies. Together, they explore what work will look like in the next couple of years, how human capital is being disrupted, and why matching passion to occupation can be so rewarding for organizations that want to accelerate their growth.

Five Key Traits that Successful Entrepreneurs Share - Jeff Dennis, Counsel, Fasken Law

Jeff Dennis, author of the book, "Lessons from the Edge: Survival Skills for Starting and Growing a Company” shares the pitfalls of startup partnerships, different degrees of commitment, divergent visions, lack of trust or shared values. He also explains the importance of building out a team protected by established guardrails.

The Best VC Pitches Gets Right to the Point - Nick Adams, Differential Ventures

Nick Adams, a co-founder at Differential Ventures, shares his perspective on what makes for the most compelling startup pitches.

Startup growth principles and talent strategy - Anuj Adhiya, Underscore VC

Anuj Adhiya, author of the book 'Growth Hacking for Dummies’, stopped by to chat with me about first principles of growing your startup and how to hire better.

From a Bootstrapped startup to having 5 financing rounds and an IPO - Mike Evans, Fixer

Mike Evans is a turnaround specialist, a serial entrepreneur, an author and investor. He Co-Founded GrubHub Online Food Delivery platform back in 2002. He is currently Founder and CEO at FIXER, a company building the "right now" handyman service. In this episode, Mike will guide you on your startup journey. We discuss learnings from his journey of starting GrubHub, executing IPO, investing in other companies and finally starting FIXER.

Over-mentoring founders, how to exit your business - Stephen Forte, Fresco Capital

Stephen Forte, managing partner at Fresco Capital talks about everything you need to pay attention to when selling your company, dangers of having too many mentors, why you might now want to be a VC and more.

Passion Drives Your Startup Success - Bram Warshafsky, Shelfgram

Bram Warshafsky the Founder of Shelfgram joins me to share his startup battles and “pack it in” moments.

Entrepreneurship is a mental game - Mike Smerklo, Next Coast Ventures

Mike Smerklo has worked alongside the legends - Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. He was one of the first employees of their startup, Loudcloud. Today he’s talking about the mental side of being an entrepreneur.

Start your startup marketing from day one, with Mike Williams, CEO @ Jetstream Digital

Mike Williams, the CEO of a marketing agency Jetstream Digital stops by to chat about why you need to do marketing before building a product, finding your customers, founder’s mental health.

Overnight success that took me 30 years (with Founder and Owner of Danby Appliances, Jim Estill)

A legendary Canadian entrepreneur Jim Estill stops by my podcast to chat about business success, buying Danby Appliances and his wealth principles.

CEO of ACTO on product market fit, defining core values and funding (with Parth Khanna)

Parth Khanna, CEO and co-founder of ACTO, went from sleeping in his car…and pretending like he drove in from another city every morning to building a 100 employee life-sciences company and raising 14 million dollars to date.

Raising Capital 101: Breakdown of the key principles from Scott Case, CEO @ Upside

In this episode, I cover everything you need to know about raising capital for your business. From why you might need to raise capital, to key principles that will help you find the right investors. Plus, Scott shares his philosophy on leadership and managing an effective team.

The right way to build your brand online from scratch (with Nelio Leone from UrbanMonks)

Nelio Leone, founder of marketing agency UrbanMonks, talks about how to build your online brand and presence the right way with our host Sergey Ross.

Growing your startup with freelancers (ft. Growth Mentor CEO, Foti Panagiotakopoulos)

In this episode we’re interviewing Foti Panagiotakopoulos, the founder @Growthmentor about how to build your product with no code and grow your company with freelancers.

Delivering customer satisfaction, every time (with Marcus Cauchi)

Marcus joined us to share some wonderfully candid insights into working as a CRO. We talk about how aligning company goals around customer satisfaction and working to serve their outcomes can help you to achieve both happy customers and highly engaged staff. Every founder’s dream, right?

Launching a company without a developer (with Bethany Stachenfeld from Sendspark)

Today’s guest is Bethany Stachenfeld, first-time co-founder & CEO at Sendspark. We’re speaking with her about the initial hurdles she faced while building her start-up. Including launching her company without a developer, how she turned hundreds of “no ways” into a ton of new prospects, and her approach to navigating tough development decisions in those early stages.

PR stunts, word-of-mouth marketing and making your brand memorable (with Saul Colt)

Saul Colt – the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world. Our guest host Sergey Ross is interviewing Saul about how to make your business stand out and build brand affinity.

Increasing your revenue via building relationships & marketing (with Sam Jacobs from Pavilion)

In this episode, we had the pleasure of having Sam Jacobs, Founder of Pavilion (former Revenue Collective) to discuss community building, managing churn rates, and startup marketing. Sam also gives encouraging advice about self-compassion and how it’s helped him.

AirborneApp CEO Lee Gladish on the realities of committing your time as a founder

Today we’re joined by former co-founder at Reply.io and current CEO at Airborne App, Lee Gladish. We sat down to discuss the pitfalls of remaining a part-time founder, and the importance of focus when running a start-up.

The road to leadership and sales career (with Christina Brady from Sales Assembly)

Today our guest host Sergey Ross is chatting with Christina Brady who takes us through her career journey in sales. Lots of takeaways on how to sell a new category product, leadership, and managing your employees.

How to succeed as an entrepreneur and build your community (with Swish Goswami from Trufan)

In this episode Sergey Ross, Crowdlinker guest host, sits down with Swish to talk about his life and journey towards entrepreneurship, building his brand on social media, and the importance of managing your focus and time.

Honest lessons to new founders from a “deadly CEO” (with Art Shaikh)

Today on our OTR Series, we’re speaking with the self-proclaimed “crazy one that will change the world” - founder & CEO of CircleIt, Art Shaikh.

Unstack CEO on Successful Fundraising and Hiring Top Talent (with Grant Deken)

Excited to be chatting with the CEO of Unstack Grant Deken about raising money, hiring and challenges of building Unstack, no-code content management system.

Lessons from bootstrapping a company to $160K MRR in 16 months (with Stephen Hakami)

And today we are chatting with Stephen Hakami, the CEO of a bootstrapped company called Wiza. Software that creates email lists from LinkedIn.

Rachel Zimmer on co-founder dynamics, going through an exit and coaching entrepreneurs

Excited to speak with Rachel Zimmer, the General Manager of Entrepreneur First, a $140M fund that bets on people first, and then coaches them to find their breakthrough ideas.

How venture capital can increase diversity where it matters most (with Nasir Qadree, Zeal Capital Partners)

It’s an absolute pleasure to interview Nasir Qadree, a Founder and Managing Partner at Zeal Capital Partners about building a more diverse VC industry.

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