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PIS #2 How Gong.io product team changed the way we sell in B2B (with Eilon Reshef)

One of the most intense product innovation episodes we have done to date. Such a pleasure to have Eilon Reshef, CPO @ gong.io as a guest.

OTR #19 Rachel Zimmer on co-founder dynamics, going through an exit and coaching entrepreneurs

Excited to speak with Rachel Zimmer, the General Manager of Entrepreneur First, a $140M fund that bets on people first, and then coaches them to find their breakthrough ideas.

OTR #18 How venture capital can increase diversity where it matters most (with Nasir Qadree, Zeal Capital Partners)

It’s an absolute pleasure to interview Nasir Qadree, a Founder and Managing Partner at Zeal Capital Partners about building a more diverse VC industry.

OTR #17 Founder’s mental health: secrets of staying in the game (with Jayesh Parmar)

I’m chatting with Jayesh Parmar, the former CEO/Cofounder of Picatic (acquired by Evenbrite) about getting through ups and downs of running your business.

OTR #16 How startup CEOs should approach press and avoid biggest PR misconceptions

This is the 2nd episode with our guest host Sergey Ross. He's interviewing the founder and CEO of NRPR Group - Nicole Rodrigues.

OTR #15 Dragons' Den's Bruce Croxon on scaling a company 24/7, work/life balance, and self-awareness

I’m honoured to be interviewing Bruce Croxon today. They call him a modern Renaissance man. He started delivering newspapers when he was only 12 for Globe and Mail making $5 to $7 a week before going to school at 7am. Co-founded a company Lavalife in 1988 long before “social networking” became a thing. Sold it for 180 million dollars with 2,000,000 users. 

OTR #14 6 honest reflections on being an early-stage startup founder with Brennan McEachran, CEO @ Soapbox

Today Brennan McEachran, CEO @ Soapbox shares how to raise money, make a strong pitch deck and not to blow the money you raised too quickly.

OTR #13 I hit the lowest point of my life and was almost out of business in 2020 (with the CEO of Crowdlinker Aram Melkoumov)

It’s a very personal interview with stories I haven’t shared publicly before. In this episode I’m surrendering my role as a host of the show and being interviewed by our content marketing team-member Sergey Ross.

OTR #12 What was it like to raise $53 million to scale Talent.com (with Co-CEO, Lucas Martinez)

This time I’m chatting with Co-CEO of talent.com, Lucas Martinez. talent.com is one of the fastest growing employment websites in the world.

OTR #11 How I scaled my business after raising $73.7M of funding: lessons from Maple CEO, Dr. Brett Belchetz

I’m joined today by Brett Belchetz, CEO of Maple. Brett has $73.7M in 4 rounds and shares what he has learned in this journey.

OTR #10 Key success criteria for scaling your startup and raising money as an early stage founder (with Craig Zingerline, CPO at Sandboxx)

Excited to be joined today by Craig Zingerline, 6 time founder (4 exits) who has helped dozens of companies scale their growth. He now heads Startup Growth University and is also a CPO at Sandboxx.

OTR #9 Why raising money is not always the answer: advice from a bootstrapped CEO (with Ilya Brotzky, CEO at Vanhack)

My first interview with a bootstrapped founder Ilya Brotzky from Vanhack. We are chatting about how he avoided raising money, mistakes he made early on with not vesting equity, and general advice to entrepreneurs.

OTR #8 How the CEO of EnergyX raised the money and distributed it (with Nishaant Sangaavi, EnergyX)

Today I’m chatting with the CEO of EnergyX Nishaant Sanjavi about his story if raising money, managing their VCs and spending their money.

OTR #7 The Illusion of Startup Valuations: advice from a VC (with Lu Zhang from Fusion Fund)

In this episode I’m joined by Lu Zhang, Founder & Managing Partner of Fusion Fund to talk about how to structure your round as a founder, when to raise money and how to assess your company valuation.

OTR #6 Why startup founders must take time to pause (Jillian Manus, Managing Partner at Structure Capital)

Today I have a pleasure to interview Jillian Manus, Managing Partner at Structure Capital. She wrote the third investment check that Uber raised and has now backed a total of about 71 companies.

OTR #5 Technical VC shares decision making frameworks on how to spend your startup money wisely (Troy Henikoff, MATH Venture Partners)

In this episode I’m interviewing a VC who used to be a software engineer Troy Henikoff, Managing Director from MATH Venture Partners.

OTR #4 What to pay attention to after you’ve raised your capital (with Chad Stender)

In this episode I’m interviewing Chad Stender, a VC from SeventySix Capital about what founders need to keep an eye on and focus on in-between the raises.

OTR #3 Why startup founders must be paying themselves (with Gary & Armando from Breadcrumbs.io)

This is my first group interview on the show. Gary Amaral and Armando Biondi from Breadcrumbs are talking about their experience of raising money, managing a board, and how to make hard decisions as a startup CEO.

OTR #2 How to Spend Your Company Capital and What to Avoid as a Founder (with Mark Morissette)

I've had a pleasure to speak to Mark Morissette (CEO & Co-Founder at Foxquilt) about how he is distributing the money Foxquilt has raised and what pitfalls founders can avoid in building complex tech products.

OTR #1 Practical Ways to Effectively Manage Relationships with Your VC (with Henry Asseily)

I'm interviewing former founder and VC Henri Asseily. He was the founder of Bizrate.com/Shopzilla, acting as CTO until its sale in 2005 for US$569 million.

Practical advice from a VC: raising and managing your company capital (with Geoff Schneider)

In the very first episode of OTR, I'm chatting with an early stage private investor and founder of Cava Capital Geoff Schneider. Lots of practical takeaways in this one.

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