From a Bootstrapped startup to having 5 financing rounds and an IPO - Mike Evans, Fixer

Mike Evans is a turnaround specialist, a serial entrepreneur, an author and investor. He Co-Founded GrubHub Online Food Delivery platform back in 2002. He is currently Founder and CEO at FIXER, a company building the "right now" handyman service. In this episode, Mike will guide you on your startup journey. We discuss learnings from his journey of starting GrubHub, executing IPO, investing in other companies and finally starting FIXER.

- Principles and metrics on when to pivot or not (apart from the gut feeling)
- How Mike started GrubHub and grew it to IPO
- How Mike raised 5 million dollars for his new company Fixer

About Mike

Mike Evans is an author and Founder of Fixer and GrubHub. Before Fixer, he earned a pile of degrees in MIT, where he also accrued a massive amount of debt. After seeing flaws in the food delivery system, Mike launched GrubHub, which he bootstrapped for two years and was involved in five fundraising rounds, as well as several acquisitions, a merger, and an IPO.

Mike's upcoming book called Hangry: A Startup Journey is here:

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